The Scoreboard Series

THIRTY81 Project is proud to announce the new Scoreboard Series of serigraph prints. This open-ended collection will showcase notable moments in baseball history using iconic scoreboards as the story teller. Each print is meticulously researched using a variety of sources  — including photographs, box scores, archival radio play-by-play — to create a faithfully inspired illustration of each scoreboard as it would have appeared at the time.

Each serigraph will be offered as a Limited First Edition of 81 prints, numbered and signed.

The first two prints in the series celebrate the personal achievements of two of baseball's legendary pitchers: Nolan Ryan's record setting 383 strikeout season of 1973, and Sandy Koufax's perfect game of 1965.

Kindly visit each product page for complete details:

Ltd. 1st Edition Noland Ryan 383 Serigraph

Ltd. 1st Edition Sandy Koufax Perfect Game Serigraph


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