1977 Kessler Baseball Fan Guide

As mentioned previously on this blog, the Kessler Guide was the original inspiration for the THIRTY81 Project. I posted a clipping of the 1980 edition but recently I uncovered this 1977 edition while cleaning out my moms house. Significant because 1. This is the year my mother infected me with baseball flu and 2. It was the first year for the expansion Mariners and Blue Jays.

It was such a different game then, particularly in terms of the schedule. Fairly balanced with teams only playing within their respective leagues. And ... regularly scheduled one gate double-headers! Interesting note: in Seattle, the Mariners opened their first season with 5 consecutive games vs. the Angels.

I got such a kick out of looking back that I decided to scan the whole thing and share it here as a PDF download (17.5MB).

CLICK HERE to download the guide

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