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City Icons: LAX Theme Building Print

City Icons: LAX Theme Building Print

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City Icons is a print and notecard series celebrating the unique expressions of architecture and design in American cities.

Completed in 1961, the LAX Theme Building is a fine example of Mid-Century / Googie architecture inspired by the Space Age. The building was designated a historic cultural monument 1n 1993.

A note about Risograph prints: We embrace experimenting with all forms of printing. Risograph, like airline schedules, is unpredictable. Prints often exhibit an organic graininess, misregistration, and uneven coverage. They are not perfect, and that's what we love about them.

Produced October, 2022.

Dimensions: 14" x 11"
Printing: 4-color Risograph
Paper: Mohawk Via Vellum 80# Cover (214 gsm)
Typeset: Hoefler & Co. Gotham Rounded
Printer: Risolve Studio

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