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Major Sports Leagues Division Routes 36x24 Poster

Major Sports Leagues Division Routes 36x24 Poster

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With the MLB Oakland A's and NHL Phoenix Coyotes on the move, this print will soon become a historical document. So, we are blowing-out our remaining inventory of nine prints for $30 shipped anywhere in the U.S., while supplies last.

Inspired by transit map design, this 24 x 36 inch poster displays the four major sports leagues of the U.S and Canada as a connected system. Each color represents one league — MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL. Each color is then grouped by division with city hubs sized proportional to the number of teams that play there. For example: the green line for the MLB American League West connects the Mariners, A's, Angels, Rangers, and Astros as one route, and so on.

Published November, 2022.

Dimensions: 36" x 24"
Printing: 6-color pigmented ink
Paper: HP Super Heavyweight Matte Plus
Typeset: Hoelfer & Co. Gotham and Gotham Rounded

$30.00 + tax where applicable. Free Shipping.

This items ships to the U.S. only via Priority Mail rolled in a heavy tube.

Original artwork © 2022 Louis J. Spirito | THIRTY81 Project
May not be copied or reproduced in any way including derivative works without express written permission. 

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