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One Earth, Many Projections Pin-Back Set

One Earth, Many Projections Pin-Back Set

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Celebrating the history of cartography, this set expands on our four-pin collection by including a total of 15 map projections that transform the earth and our view of the world:

• Equidistant Conic, Circa AD 100
• Bonne, Circa 1500
• Mercator, 1569
• Azimuthal Equal Area, 1772
• Mollweide Hemispheres, 1805
• Berghaus Star, 1879
• Aitoff, 1889
• Van Der Grinten I, 1898
• Octahedral Butterfly, 1909
• Winkel Tripel, 1921
• Goode Homolosine, 1923
• Dymaxion, 1954
• Ginzburg, 1966
• Cahill-Keyes, 1975
• Equal Earth, 2018

Buttons are 1" in diameter with a pin on the back. Presented on a reusable double-sided 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" display sheet. Delivered in resealable cellophane bag.

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